If you arrive in Venice by bus, train or via the six-euro blue shuttle bus from the airport, you will find yourself in Pizzale Roma. From there, you can walk or take water transportation to your destination. If you are going directly to the cruise port, youu have several options.

1. The cruise line likely has a big bus with their name on it.

2. To the left of the large transportation building is the terminal for the People Mover. This is a driverless railed vehicle like they use at airports. It costs two euros. In the photo to the left, you can see the rail structure, up on pillars, for the People Mover.

3. You could take a taxi, either ground or water, but that wouldn't be very cost effective.

4. You can walk.

To walk, head down the street to the right side of the transportation building. Once you get past that building, you will get your first glimpse of the port area on your left. In this case, Crown Princess had been docked since the evening before. The raiin had stopped, so a few passengers were walking the other way, to spend a few hours in Venice. Take the second road to the left, and it leads right to the terminal. With rolling luggage, the half-mile walk isn't so bad, being mostly downhill. Linda felt like she was reconnecting with an old friend when she saw Crown Princess.

There are no cars in Venice. Only canals and pedestrian streets. Here you can see one of the large parking lots for ditching unneeded automobiles.